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Friday, 6 September 2013


There are 2 powerful spices that actually help diabetics to lower blood sugar levels, and these spices are found everywhere. Some of us even have them in our kitchen cupboard or refrigerator.

They are Onions and Garlic.

These 2 spices have greater power in helping every diabetic to restore blood sugar levels than most vegetables do.
And this is beside the fact that these 2 spices help in lowering the chances of one having Cancer.

Both spices contain a component called "Alicin". Scientific studies have shown that Alicin actually lowers blood sugar levels as they compete with Insulin action of the body, and to get this incredible result, huge quantities of this compound must exist in the body, meaning more consumption of these spices.

The more you eat these spices in the raw state, and in higher amounts, the better. So if you enjoy eating Onions or Garlic, this is the time to eat more of them to avoid those "vampires" disease called Diabetes.

Here is how to incorporate these spices into your meal

* Slice Onions to your egg salad or even vegetable soups.

* Add Garlic and Onions in your Potato Vegetable Porridge before eating.

* Add minced Garlic and fresh Onions into your
salad dressing and eat.

In addition to helping you to control/regain your blood sugar levels, Onions and Garlic also add wonderful flavors to foods.

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