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Thursday, 18 April 2013


 Malnutrition is a global crisis, it is the underlying cause of more than 2.6 million child deaths every year. Malnutrition has been the silent crisis for too long. It is time world leaders invest in tackling child malnutrition and ensure that all children have a life free from hunger.
With prices of foods skyrocketing, more hard times await Nigerian children as statistics available have shown that two out of every five Nigerian children are chronically malnourished.
According to 2011 World Global Hunger Index, Nigeria contributes 58 per cent in the global hunger problem. *we have to do something about this!
With recent news about population explosion, 30 percent of African countries will double and Nigeria may be hitting about 400 million. if urgent steps are not taken, this may have a huge negative impact on the nutritional health of vulnerable population, (pregnant women and children).
These statistics and more prompted a group called The InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy to be formed. It is a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization [NGO], dedicated to breaking the cycle of Child Poverty by giving deprived, excluded and vulnerable children access to information, food, clean water, sanitation facilities, healthcare services, shelter and formal education. From inception, the InnerCity Mission through a network of missionaries, volunteers, and partners has provided food, clothing, medicine, education and accommodation to hundreds of children who live in especially difficult circumstances in several cities across Nigeria and in several other locations in Africa.
We at Christ Embassy Alakija, Lagos will be having a FOOD DRIVE on Sunday April 28, 2013. We'll be sponsoring meals for InnerCity children and we are giving everyone an opportunity to be a part of this worthy cause. Remember, *every child is your child.
If everyone decided to forfeit one meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), or make a kind donation between today and Sunday April 28th, to feed at least one child other than your own child/children, we are sure that we can support this cause significantly. We are accepting CASH and RAW FOOD STUFF donations. God bless you as you make a difference in your world.
Do you want to be a part of this? If yes, call:
Ele-ojo 08037035190
Lulu 08022228113