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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Breast firming is not only lost due to aging, but even when you lose or gain weight. Many may not know that the lost elasticity of your breasts can be regained. Once again you can enjoy those perky firm breasts with a few exercises and important tips mentioned below:
Exercise 1: Lie down on your back and take a dumbbell in each hand. If you don’t have dumbbells then simply fill 2 Plastic bottles of water and hold it in each hand. Hands should be at the level of your shoulder, downwards. Now raise your hands up slowly till your chest and bring it down slowly. Repeat this 10-12 times.

Exercise 2: Lie down on your back and extend your arms outward at shoulder level so that your palms should face up. Hold weights in each hand and bring your arms together, elbows should be bent and raise the weights above your chest bringing them together. Hold the position for 5 seconds and slowly return to initial position. Repeat 10-12 times.
Exercise 3: Take a ball of 8 inch diameter. Get on your knees and place it in front of you. Rest both hands on it. Keep your abdominal area tight and press down into the ball and push back up, like you generally do push ups. Repeat, 10-12 times. The exercise is great for breast firming and muscle toning of arms.

Remember consistency is key.

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