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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


The Following are some of the home remedies which can help you get rid of saggy breasts and allow them the firmness you desire. Exercises and massage are the best ways to keep your breast firm and in proper shape. Today we'll discuss home remedies while tomorrow, we'll show you the best breast firming exercises.

Massage: Massage your breast at least 2-3 times in a week using olive oil. It will help firm the skin as well as improve the skin tone and texture. It will also tone your chest and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Ice Massaging: Ice massaging is a very effective form of firming and uplifting saggy breasts. Take two cubes of ice and massage each one in a circular form around your breast for at least a minute but not more than that as the breast skin is very sensitive. It will help tone the skin of your breasts.

Breast Mask:  Use a breast mask once in a week. Grind a cucumber and add an egg yolk to it. Also add some butter or natural cream to it. Mix it properly and apply on the breasts and leave it for around 15 – 20 minutes. Wash it away. It will help strengthen the tissues and firm them.

Vegetable Oil: Use vegetable oils like almond oil or grape seed oil to massage the breasts. They will help nourishment of the skin, tone the structure and give extra zeal. Add essential oil along with vegetable oils, if required.

Essential Oils: Carrot oil, cypress oil, fennel oil, lemongrass oil, spearmint oil are some of the essential oils which can also help or be used for firmness of saggy breasts. Do not use more than 2 drops every time you massage the breast as they are very strong and can give you burning sensation. It would be best to use them along with other vegetable oils.

Use of Special Bras: One needs to select the appropriate bra which makes the breasts look firm and give enough support to it. There are special bras available in the market. These have strong support holders at the cup bottoms which lift your breast and keep them firm.


  1. Ladies, e no go work ooo. Nature don sag already. Lmfao

  2. What makes d breast bigger if its a small one please?

    1. To make them big, needs gentle massage.

  3. Ele, tnx for the heads up. At least b4 we meet Dr 90210 let us try to help d boobs frm going full south.

  4. Ralph u funny die. Wetin make u tink say oyibo go sabi ur writing 4 dis place. Sha I like am